Everything from Here to Infinity

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Everything from Here to Infinity, virtual reality installation for Oculus Rift, stereo sound, 2016


"Everything from Here to Infinity" is an immersive virtual reality installation in which objects within the most comprehensive map of the universe to date, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, are depicted in the manner of abstract expressionist gestures.

This project is inspired by the surrealist writer Jorges Luis Borges’ short story, On Exactitude in Science, in which an empire made a map of itself so big – it encompassed the entirety of the empire itself. Our modern day equivalent to the Borges’ tale is the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). It is the most comprehensive map of the universe to date and represents 100 terabytes worth of data about every heavenly object from here to infinity. A random sample of 10,000 stellar objects are pulled from the database (Data Release 13) to be visualized at any given time.

The artist would like to thank The Laboratory Residency for their generous support. Special thanks to Alan Chatham for his assistance, and consultation by astrophysicist Alec Hirschauer at the University of Indiana. Sound is pulled from Jon Jenkins' sonifications made from Kepler star observations as well as from the University of Birmingham's resonant acoustic oscillation recordings of stars in 'M4'. Doppler shift can be observed as the player moves towards or away from spatialized sound sources.


2D Polar Projection of Sloan Digital Sky Survey



click images below for high-res stills captured within the Oculus Rift